I spent most of my childhood sick in the hospital. Don't worry - I was cured with a cocktail of good old-fashioned medicine and Monty Python movies (these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA).

After that, I took my newfound zest for life, comedy, and my big smile and went to Long Island High School for the Arts. I graduated with a degree in Musical Theatre. I was accepted into Emerson College’s BFA Acting program. I traded in my jazz shoes for a new winter coat and shipped up to Boston, Massachusetts. There, I survived four New England winters, performed in numerous productions and student films, and developed my impeccable bang-to-teeth ratio.

Now you can find me scampering around the city, performing improv, writing in Central Park, advocating for healthcare reform, performing at some really cool venues, and befriending hot dog vendors. 

I am currently seeking representation.

Sarah SixtSarah Sixt